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The WS250 is powered by our custom-built 242cc 4-stroke EFI engine with liquid cooling and was designed to be compact, reliable and fuel efficient.


The WS250 is equipped with a continuously variable transmission made in Canada by CVTech-IBC®.

Built to be rugged and durable, it ensures a smooth and steady power output with a linear acceleration.


Traction is provided by a scaled track, made in Canada by Soucy, a leading manufacturer of powersports components.


The track is 105 inches in length by 12 inches in width with 1.5 inch lugs, giving the ride optimal traction and control.


The WS250 is steered by a 12-inch single ski, purposefully designed by the engineers at Widescape and made in Canada. It is the same width as the track to ensure increased driveability and balance.

It is equipped with a single central keel and side runners for optimal grip and precise handling on all surface types.


The 4-inch digital display gives the rider all the info needed during a ride such as speed, engine temperature, low battery, check engine, low fuel indicator, engine run time, RPM and a clock.

To learn more about the WS250 click the link below or give us a call.

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