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Scorpa SC250

Scorpa SC250

- Black wheels with white hubs and MICHELIN tires
-TECH Aluminium fork
-REIGER 2v shock absorber
- New orange OXIA cylinder head
- S3 black HARD ROCK footpegs
-Black NEKEN handlebar pad
- BRAKTEC master cylinder
-GALFER brake disc

Evolutions on the 2022 SC FACTORY models:

– The gearbox has been modified, with a second larger gear that allows riders to attack large obstacles with all the torque they need but also have the speed required to clear the obstacle.

– Our SCORPA test riders chose to lower the engine compression to gain progressiveness and flexibility.

– For the 2022 model, the R&D team developed new settings for the Reiger 2V rear shock absorber to give provide improved response to the motorcycle when traversing big obstacles.

    $9,549.00 Regular Price
    $8,549.00Sale Price
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