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We are a C3, Yeti Snow MX, And Sherco Dealer

If you are trying to upgrade your current  build, or If you are looking for a ready to race snow bike. We have got you covered

Track Kits 


We have Yeti kits in sock, but if that isn't the route you want to go we can install and work on all snow bike kits

Athena ECU


We are an Athena dealer and certified tuner.

All of our builds come with an athena ecu to help with cold starts, Peak power, and ease of use in cold conditions.

Each ecu is custom tuned to each engine and setup

Perfomance Mods


From big bore, custom intakes, ecu's, and full engine builds, we have you covered.

Engine Tempature control


The biggest part of having a good running Snow Bike is keeping the engine hot.

We use custom thermostats and engine blankets to keep the engine at a proper running temperature.

We also use the engines coolant to heat the handlebars.

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